Originally opened in 1958, The Hi-Point Pub was founded by a documented descendent of Abraham Lincoln named Maryann Louise Linccoln-Holmes.



Maryann Louise Lincoln-Holmes was a bootlegger during prohibition and after the repeal of the 19th amendment, she set up shop in Absecon, New Jersey to start a new life. After approximately 2 years worth of attempting to start new businesses, she eventually decided to court local businessman Edgar-Allan Taylor(founder of the Taylor Ham company) and eventually steal his fortune. Unfortunately, due to certain marital laws in Atlantic County at the time, she had to become creative with ways to 'inherit' his money.

On April 1, 1957 the two were married at the Absecon Presbyterian Church. Roughly 13 months later in late May of 1958, Maryann walked in on Egdar in bed with Gretchen McLeeds, owner of the original Steel Pier in Atlantic City.

Maryann Louise took vengeance upon them both by hanging them from the "highest point" in Atlantic County at the intersection of N. Shore Rd and White Horse Pike, and due to a grey area in non-pre-nuptial arrangements, Maryann was granted the entirety of Taylor's fortune. With that money, she built and opened the original Hi-Point Pub where it sits now. The current owner, Todd Jacobs has had his team in place since February of 2015 and ensures the property is smudged for bad spirits and energy once every 60 days when the windows are washed.

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This entire story is of course not real.

We just didn't know what to put on this page and the history of a bar everyone already knows seems a little boring, doesn't it?


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The Hi-Point Pub: 24hr Bar and Restauran

Up the hill, just off rt. 30 sits an Absecon landmark...THE Hi-Point Pub.

A town once bustling with activity from shipyards, mining and farming, Absecon has definitely seen its share of progress. The same is to be said about the Hi-Point Pub itself. From its humble beginnings over 50yrs ago, The Hi-Point, which sits on the site of the former "Albert's Old Vienna" started out with a simple menu to offer patrons. Over the years, the menu has grown to include more than just sandwiches. From homemade soups to delicious seafood and prime rib, our selection is sure to please any craving you may have!

The "Hi-Point Special"(our famous cheese steak w/ tomato and bacon on a toasted Italian roll) has been a menu staple from the beginning and to this day remains a local favorite!

The Hi-Point Pub has had the pleasure to serve the local community and visitors to the Jersey Shore, quickly becoming a favorite stop on their way to and from Atlantic City. After all, who can resist a bowl of our delicious award-winning crab bisque?